On a cold, but dry Saturday, we headed out for a ride down the Bridgewater Way and Trans Pennine Trail. Three families, five kids and nine bikes, we made our way from Stretford to Wythenshawe Park.

The Bridgewater Way was quiet, and fortunately, the Trans Pennine Trail wasn’t that muddy. We had a combination of cargo bikes, child seats and kid’s bikes, with some kids riding, some sitting and one swapping between the two.

After a spot of lunch in the cafe at Wythenshawe Park, a game or two of table tennis and visit to the community farm, we headed back as it was starting to get chilly.

Overall, the route from Stretford to Wythenshawe Park is pretty pleasant and child-friendly, if your kids are confident enough riding along the canal. The only part that’s less than ideal is when you leave the Trans Pennine Trail to get to Wythenshawe Park. There isn’t much in the way of infrastructure at this point and roads are quite unpleasant to ride with kids.