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Stretford public realm phase 1

I’m a resident of Stretford, and I’ve been following Trafford Council’s proposals for the public realm around Stretford for some time.

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Stretford public realm consultation results

On 22 January, Trafford Council published the results of the Stretford public realm consultation, on their website. Here, you can find a presentation, summary of the results and the full report, containing the responses.

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Follow up: Stretford public realm

This is a follow-up to my original post on the Stretford public realm proposals, before they had been officially published. If you want to understand the background to the proposals, I suggest reading that. The proposals have now been published as part of a public consultation running from 25 September to 16 October 2015. Continue reading “Follow up: Stretford public realm”

Stockport Cycleway, another missed opportunity for CCAG (Updated)

I use the Wilmslow Road/Manchester Road stretch of the Stockport Cycleway on my commute, so I looked with interest when I saw the proposals.

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Comment: Bridgewater Cycleway

Manchester City Council’s proposals for the Bridgewater Cycleway are currently in consultation, with the closing date for comments being 10 July. The following are my comments on these proposals that I’ll be submitting.
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Stretford public realm

At this month’s Trafford Cycle Forum, WSP presented the proposals for Stretford public realm that they and Gillespies have been working on with Trafford Council. The proposals cover the area immediately around the town centre, covering the Chester Road, Barton Road and Kingsway triangle. Continue reading “Stretford public realm”

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