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Critical Mass

Manchester Critical Mass – August 2017

Well, for one reason or another, August was the first Critical Mass I’d been on since April. Unlike last month, we were greeted with reasonable, but not brilliant weather. Though still miles better than July’s downpour. Continue reading “Manchester Critical Mass – August 2017”


Manchester Critical Mass – April 2017


April’s Critical Mass was the first of the year to be completed in daylight. There was a reasonable crowd, given the bank holiday weekend and slightly overcast weather. But it stayed dry and we had soundsystems, so all was well. If anything, I would have been more than happy to do a few more laps. Continue reading “Manchester Critical Mass – April 2017”

Manchester Critical Mass – March 2017

Lighter evenings, warmer temperatures, good turnout and (other) Dom’s 40th. What’s not to like about March’s Critical Mass? Not much time this month though, so I’ll keep it brief.

Continue reading “Manchester Critical Mass – March 2017”

Manchester Critical Mass – February 2017

Well, we luckily missed Storm Doris by a day, and so we were treated to a dry and calm evening for February Critical Mass. Numbers weren’t huge, maybe due to the previous day’s weather and it being a little bit cold. We were spoilt for soundsystems though, as we had three along for the ride.

Continue reading “Manchester Critical Mass – February 2017”

Manchester Critical Mass – January 2017

Brr, January Critical Mass was a cold one, though it was thankfully dry. There was a reasonable turnout for January, given the weather. We had two soundsystems, which always adds to the atmosphere and a host of Deliveroo riders were along for the ride.

Continue reading “Manchester Critical Mass – January 2017”

Manchester Critical Mass – December 2016

This was the first time I’ve made it to the December Critical Mass. Christmas related commitments have got in the way previously. The turnout was comparatively low compared to other months, but actually quite reasonable given the time of year. It was good to see some kids along for the ride, despite it being cold and dark.

Continue reading “Manchester Critical Mass – December 2016”

Manchester Critical Mass – November 2016

In stark contrast to November Critical Mass last year, it was a lovely dry evening, if a little cold. There was a reasonable turnout for November, nothing compared to October, but that’s to be expected.

Continue reading “Manchester Critical Mass – November 2016”

Manchester Critical Mass – October 2016

Halloween Critical Mass is always a special one, with big turnouts and people making the effort to dress up or decorate their bikes. This year’s Halloween Critical Mass didn’t disappoint. There was a really good turnout, lots of music and a great atmosphere from the start.

Continue reading “Manchester Critical Mass – October 2016”

Manchester Critical Mass – September 2016

As it’s the end of September, it’s now starting to get dark on Critical Mass, though we began in the daylight. There were showers earlier in the day, but by the evening it had dried up to a pleasant, if slightly cool evening.

Continue reading “Manchester Critical Mass – September 2016”

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