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Callow Top Holiday Park, Ashbourne, Derbyshire

We stayed at Callow Top Holiday Park at the start of September 2017, for two nights over a weekend. This was our first time at the campsite and our first visit to this part of Derbyshire. Continue reading “Callow Top Holiday Park, Ashbourne, Derbyshire”


Butt Farm, Beverley, East Yorkshire

We stayed at Butt Farm in mid August 2017, for three nights over a weekend. This was the first time we’ve been to Beverley and our first proper visit to East Yorkshire, excluding getting the Hull-Rotterdam ferry. Continue reading “Butt Farm, Beverley, East Yorkshire”

Netherlands 17

At the end of May, we made what seems to be our annual visit to The Netherlands. On top of our usual trip to Duinrell, we arranged to spend a week in Utrecht in an Airbnb apartment. Continue reading “Netherlands 17”

Netherlands 17: The route to Leiden

In my view, no stay at Duinrell is complete without a trip to Leiden. We’ve been there plenty of times and I’ve covered the route previously in 2015. Though it deserves another post, as there’s changes on the way and we chose a different route on the way back. Continue reading “Netherlands 17: The route to Leiden”

Netherlands 17: The route to Stoomtrein Katwijk Leiden

During our 2017 stay at Duinrell, we arranged a visit Stoomtrein Katwijk Leiden. We’ve been to Stoomtrein Katwijk Leiden once before and had a great time. This time, we were going with the other families we were staying with at Duinrell. Continue reading “Netherlands 17: The route to Stoomtrein Katwijk Leiden”

Netherlands 17: The route to Wassenaarse Slag

2017 saw us back in Duinrell for what was our seventh visit. I’ve covered Wassenaarse Slag previously in a post from 2015, though that was the route from The Hague. This time we were heading there from Duinrell, with five families in total, and with seven adults and six kids getting there on bikes. Continue reading “Netherlands 17: The route to Wassenaarse Slag”

Netherlands 17: Around Amsterdamsestraatweg

For our week in Utrecht, we stayed at an apartment in Zuilen, which is about 2.5km to the north west of the city centre. Our apartment was located directly on Amsterdamsestraatweg, which is one of the main routes into the city, particularly for cycling. Continue reading “Netherlands 17: Around Amsterdamsestraatweg”

Netherlands 17: The route to Griftpark

During our week in Utrecht, I took the kids to Griftpark. A park about 3km away, on the outskirts of Utrecht centre. To get there, we started by heading down Amsterdamsestraatweg, towards Utrecht. Continue reading “Netherlands 17: The route to Griftpark”

Netherlands 17: Around Utrecht centre

While in Utrecht, I had the opportunity to leave the family at our apartment, take to the cycleways and explore the city. This was early evening, after most people had returned home, so the streets were pretty empty. Continue reading “Netherlands 17: Around Utrecht centre”

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