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My response to the revised Stretford Masterplan

Trafford are asking for responses to the revised masterplan for Stretford and the elements within it, via an online questionnaire. There’s also an offline version that can be downloaded and filled out. The deadline for responses is 19 December 2017. Continue reading “My response to the revised Stretford Masterplan”


UA92 proposals and the revised Stretford Masterplan

I think it’s fair to say that news of the plans for UA92 and the revised masterplan for Stretford came pretty much out of the blue, with many people at the council, including local Stretford councillors knowing nothing about it. Continue reading “UA92 proposals and the revised Stretford Masterplan”

Davyhulme Road East, a collision waiting to happen

Davyhulme Road East is your typical suburban through road. For most of its length, it had two lanes, but widens to five lanes at the A56 / Chester Road end. Most of the road is residential, with a shopping parade at one end and two primary schools Victoria Park Junior School and St Ann’s R.C. Primary School. Continue reading “Davyhulme Road East, a collision waiting to happen”

Metrolink Trafford Park Line – Trafford Wharf update

It’s been a while since there’s been an update on the progress of the Metrolink Trafford Park Line (TPL). There’s been nothing new published since a number of planning applications appeared on Trafford Council’s planning site back in January. Though preparatory works have been continuing along the route. Continue reading “Metrolink Trafford Park Line – Trafford Wharf update”

Stretford public realm final drawings

I’ve now received the final drawings for the Stretford public realm improvements, as well as the Stage 2 Road Safety Audit. In keeping with the whole consultation, these have only become available after work has already started and don’t appear to have been published anywhere or shared publicly. Continue reading “Stretford public realm final drawings”

RIP Stretford subways, and good luck to all who use the surface crossings

As of 18 April 2017, work has commenced on phase 1 of Trafford Council’s Stretford public realm scheme. The scheme will see the closure of three of the four subways and will add an additional right turn lane onto Edge Lane for motor traffic. Further details in this post from July 2016. Continue reading “RIP Stretford subways, and good luck to all who use the surface crossings”

Metrolink Trafford Park Line

While work is already under way on the Metrolink Trafford Park Line (TPL), TfGM are still not particularly forthcoming when it comes to detailed plans for the route, despite ongoing requests. Continue reading “Metrolink Trafford Park Line”

Stretford public realm phase 1

I’m a resident of Stretford, and I’ve been following Trafford Council’s proposals for the public realm around Stretford for some time.

Continue reading “Stretford public realm phase 1”

Simply Cycling in Longford Park

On Sunday, we happened to be in Longford Park while Simply Cycling were running one of their all ability cycling sessions at the stadium, so we decided to go in and see what was happening.

Continue reading “Simply Cycling in Longford Park”

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