A tale of two masterplans

As I’ve covered in some recent posts, Trafford Council have published a refreshed masterplan for Stretford, based predominantly around the UA92 proposals. They’ve been consulting residents about these proposals, having hosted a number of sessions with locals. They also have an online questionnaire for people to give their views, deadline is 19 December 2017. Continue reading “A tale of two masterplans”


Metrolink Trafford Park Line – Latest designs

TfGM have recently circulated designs for the Metrolink Trafford Park Line, including details of the changes that’ll affect cycling in the area. We have been told the design is now at an advanced stage, but TfGM are welcoming comments and suggestions for improvement on the details from a user’s perspective. How likely they are to make any significant changes though, I’m not sure. Continue reading “Metrolink Trafford Park Line – Latest designs”

Manchester United free match-day parking

If you’ve arrived here looking for free match-day parking for Manchester United, then you’ve come to the wrong place. May I suggest you consider using public transport, cycle or use one of the many park and ride services. If you really must drive, then don’t be dick and use one of the approved car parks rather than parking on the pavement. Using these car parks means your money goes directly to helping the local community and doesn’t end up in the pockets of the Glazers.

Continue reading “Manchester United free match-day parking”

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