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Back on the Bridgewater Way and Trans Pennine Trail – March 2017

Almost as if to plan, the first weekend after the start of spring arrived with glorious sunshine. So it’d be wrong not to get out on the bikes with the family and some friends. This is first ride we’ve had for a while as family, rubbish weather and busy weekends have meant we’ve not had chance.

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My top 10 wish list for the Greater Manchester mayor

As the mayoral election approaches, we’re starting to get a better picture of the candidates views and commitments on cycling. While on the whole these have been pretty positive, with the candidates saying the kinds of things we want to hear. It’s still important that we’re clear about what we want to see happen when the new mayor is elected. Continue reading “My top 10 wish list for the Greater Manchester mayor”

Cycling and the Greater Manchester mayoral election

On 4 May 2017, the people of Greater Manchester will be electing a mayor, as part of a devolution package that will see powers for transport, planning, housing and training move to the region.

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Metrolink Trafford Park Line

While work is already under way on the Metrolink Trafford Park Line (TPL), TfGM are still not particularly forthcoming when it comes to detailed plans for the route, despite ongoing requests. Continue reading “Metrolink Trafford Park Line”

Manchester Critical Mass – February 2017

Well, we luckily missed Storm Doris by a day, and so we were treated to a dry and calm evening for February Critical Mass. Numbers weren’t huge, maybe due to the previous day’s weather and it being a little bit cold. We were spoilt for soundsystems though, as we had three along for the ride.

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Trafford Cycle Forum – February 2017

The agenda for the next Trafford Cycle Forum has been distributed, details below.

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Trafford Cycle Forum Technical Meeting – February 2017

The technical meeting of the Trafford Cycle Forum was held on 1st February 2017 at Trafford Town, with Amey representing Trafford Council and about ten members of the forum.

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Manchester Critical Mass – January 2017

Brr, January Critical Mass was a cold one, though it was thankfully dry. There was a reasonable turnout for January, given the weather. We had two soundsystems, which always adds to the atmosphere and a host of Deliveroo riders were along for the ride.

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Manchester Critical Mass – December 2016

This was the first time I’ve made it to the December Critical Mass. Christmas related commitments have got in the way previously. The turnout was comparatively low compared to other months, but actually quite reasonable given the time of year. It was good to see some kids along for the ride, despite it being cold and dark.

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