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Back on the Bridgewater Way and Trans Pennine Trail – March 2017

Almost as if to plan, the first weekend after the start of spring arrived with glorious sunshine. So it’d be wrong not to get out on the bikes with the family and some friends. This is first ride we’ve had for a while as family, rubbish weather and busy weekends have meant we’ve not had chance.

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Review: FollowMe Tandem (Updated)

Since my eldest was able to ride his first pedal bike (Islabikes Cnoc 14), we’ve been using a Trail-Gator to attach his bikes to ours. For the most part, the Trail-Gator served its purpose and was reasonably cheap to buy. Though there’s a couple of issues I’ve had with it that I think are fundamental flaws and have made me look for alternatives. Continue reading “Review: FollowMe Tandem (Updated)”

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